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12m ladies turn out to be youngster brides yearly – UNICEF



An estimated 12 million ladies underneath 18 years of age are getting married yearly globally, in response to new knowledge from UNICEF launched on Tuesday.

The newly collated figures sign a 15 per cent drop within the final decade, from one in 4 to roughly one in 5 ladies.

File; Baby-marriage

UNICEF warned that if youngster marriage continues on the present fee, greater than 150 million ladies the world over will marry earlier than their 18th birthdays by 2030.

“When a lady is pressured to marry as a toddler, she faces fast and lifelong penalties.

“Her odds of ending faculty lower whereas her odds of being abused by her husband and struggling issues throughout being pregnant enhance,” Anju Malhotra, UNICEF’s principal gender adviser, stated in an announcement.

In South Asia, there was a lower within the prevalence of kid brides from 50 per cent ten years in the past to 30 per cent at this time.

In sub-Saharan Africa, there has additionally been a decline, with 43 per cent of ladies married in childhood ten years in the past in comparison with 38 per cent at this time.

UNICEF stated there has additionally been a shift in the place the best variety of youngster brides are positioned, with near one-third of all probably the most not too long ago married youngster brides globally now in sub-Saharan Africa, in comparison with one in 5 a decade in the past.

Based on UNICEF, an estimated 650 million girls alive at this time have been married as youngsters.

The UN Sustainable Improvement Targets units out plans to finish youngster marriage by 2030.



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Chadwick Boseman of ‘Black Panther’ revealed that Denzel Washington paid for his school appearing courses



Chadwick Boseman of

Chadwick Boseman, who’s the star of ‘Black Panther’, says Denzel Washington paid for his appearing courses at Oxford College again when he was a scholar.


Boseman made this revelation on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Present Starring Jimmy Fallon’. The ‘Black Panther’ star defined that Denzel Washington paid a part of his tuition by way of a scholarship program whereas he took a summer season class finding out drama at Oxford College.


“I’ve mainly been holding this secret my complete profession. After I got here again, I obtained a beneficiary letter and it stated Denzel Washington paid for you,” Boseman stated.


Boseman stated he did not wish to reveal this publicly until he had change into extra profitable. He first informed the story in an interview with Rolling Stone journal revealed in February.


He stated: “I am positive he has no thought. It was random. I could not wait to write down my thank-you letter! … I have been ready to satisfy him, so I can inform him.”


Boseman lastly had the possibility to satisfy Washington after the Rolling Stone article was revealed and he thanked him for his sort gesture. Boseman informed Fallon that Denzel joked about it after they met.

“Oh, in order that’s why I am right here – you owe me cash!” Washington informed Boseman. “I got here to gather!”


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The increasing demands and abuse of Tramadol and other Analgesic drugs



When I see a great article or piece of information, I absorb and see what to do with it. Just read the beautifully written Paddy Adenuga experience and was blown away. You should read it as well.

Immediately afterwards, I saw this one closer to home, about misuse of a potent medicine.

Please note, as pharmacists, we at Advantage Health Africa are convinced that people do not realise ALL medicines are poisons.

Some positive effects are more beneficial than their negative effects…hence they are prescribed. But not to be misused!!!

I say, take all medicines with care. Please. Controlled drugs are not to be toyed with. Please.
Read below.

Cheers, Abimbola

Why Are They Taking Tramadol?

Last week, I spoke to two CEOs of community pharmacies. They have been in practice for over 15years.

I asked,
What’s the demand for tramadol?

They both replied, the demand is very high

One of them told me that, people are now asking for the 200mg and 250mg pack. Tramadol comes in 50mg or 100mg packs.

This means that 1000mg is no longer giving the effect they want. Therefore, they want to consume 2000mg/ 2500mg.

He now said, they take it because it makes them high.

Both of them actually told me that they had to stop selling tramadol, so when people come, they just say they don’t have.

I worked in community pharmacies, it’s all the same, young people looking for and taking tramadol or codeine in large doses to make them high.

You see some of them mixing 10 capsules of tramadol or 100mls of codeine in carbonated soft drinks.

When you ask them, why they take it?

The answer is always the same, to get high

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic used for moderate to severe pain. It is addictive. It should only be taken if prescribed.

Overdose of tramadol includes:
– Trouble breathing
– Slow or irregular heartbeat
– Seizures
– Coma

We are raising awareness about #Tramadolabuse and #Codeineabuse through radio shows, social media @NoToDrugAbuse – twitter, Facebook, church and school programs. Get involved today.

Oluwatosin Fatungase (Pharm)
Teen Behavioral Coach
Inspiring Greatness…

Feedback from some readers

I have a very good friend of mine that was wrongly advise to use the Drug for sexual benefit. He took the 250mg of Tramadol. Thank God he’s alive today. he would have left the world with unborn only child and wife. This guy is very educated. He was on seizure for weeks.

Hmmmmm my GP has dispensed Tramadol to me twice for severe spondilosis both times though I used 50mg each I hated it soooo much! It took me out of control and awareness of myself, I was wozzy, my tommy was torn apart ( cos am predisposed to Ulcer). I used Tramadol 50g twice with an interval of 2months, and after the second time, I swore NEVER to use it again!! It can kill! I was hyperventilating, I had anxiety attacks…. my Doctor was worried because he also did not like it but my back was severely painful I couldn’t walk for days. I can NEVER advise anyone to use Tramadol. Its a killer please… opinion though.

I swore that i will NEVER take tramadol again. I remember when i was still working 8-5, I always have terrible menstrual pains and so I asked around for pain killers. A colleague of mine gave them to me and after 30mins, I was not myself. I was so dizzy. I just kept looking for a place to sleep. All our sleeping areas in the office where occupied and imagine where I slept…i had to beg my pregnant colleague at that time to lift me up so I could sleep on the window ledge in the toilet. I went that crazy…i had to leave the office cos it made me completely wasted. I had to force myself to vomit the pills and flush my system. The next day I warned her never to give anyone those pills again….i just wonder how people taking it manage. That drug should be banned!!!

Actually, what you had is called an “Adverse Reaction” and it’s expected for a few people to take normal doses of a drug and respond in an uncommon and unusual manner. ARs are meant to be documented with the pharmacist that “gave” you and sent to Nafdac. Guess your colleague could not show her licence!! Lol

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